Vệ sinh tàu dầu

Vệ sinh tàu dầu

With our worldwide relationships, Bac Long Shipping And Trading Co.,Ltd is able to handle tank cleaning & slop oil disposal for tankers/chemicals in the following ports:
– Singapore Inport
– Singapore Outport Limit (Eastern / Western) EOPL 01 deg 18.0 North, 104 deg 18.0 East
– China (Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Zhuhai, Huangpu…)

– Vietnam (Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh…)
– S. Korea (Onsan, Ulsan, Yosu, Daesan…)
– India (Mumbai, Sikka, Kandla…)

We offer a range of services that enable our customers to fulfill their international and nation obligations where the operational needs of collection and disposal of oily waste are in compliance with:
  • MARPOL 73 / 78
  • The Basel Convention On The Control Of Transboundary Movement Of Hazardous Waste
  • International Port regulations and flag state requirement
  • Environmental Friendly
Since its establishment, the company has been committed to serving customers providing professional services in emergency disposal of marine pollution, ship waste oil retrieving and disposal, ship and tank cleaning, and ship garbage collection.


All slops & sludge collected will be sent to an approved plant centre for treatment and disposal. Plant treatment centre uses the most advanced Liquid Separation Technology for treatment of slops and waste water treatment plant ensures that all waste water are treated to meet regulatory standards before discharge.

The treatment centre also has a state of art incinerator system with the capability to handle solid, slurry and liquid waste.

We would very much like the opportunity to attend to the slop oil that you have on board. We offer our tank cleaning & deslopping services completely free of charge & after completion of deslopping, disposal certificate will be issued legally.

Please feel free to contact us & send email to [email protected] if you have any query for deslopping in any port in Asia.

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